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Open Tues - Fri: 11am - 6pm Sat: 1pm - 5pm

Infusion Health IV Lounge R n R Shot Bar

Welcome to R n R Shot Bar! Time to Revitalize and Rejuvenate Your Body.

Revitalize and Rejuvenate Your Body at the R and R Shot Bar

Optimizing the inner you to maximize your potential.

Our mission is to offer vitamins and minerals to the body via direct access. Unlike taking a supplement orally injections do not have to go through the liver the first time through. This gives great absorption into your system and sent directly where you need them.  Have a little more time on your hands? Join us in our IV Lounge for Nutrient IV Therapy and Hydration to replenish and restore your cells.

R and R Shot Bar HAPPY HOUR

Infusion Health IV Lounge R and R Shot Bar offers happy hours every week. Happy Hour means better prices for well-loved injections. Joining us every Thursday from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm.  Appointments not necessary for happy hour times. Please note – first come first served.

Infusion Health IV Lounge R and R Shot Bar Menu

Contact us today and discuss the proper treatment with one of our Professionally Licensed Naturopathic Doctors; and being your journey to a better you.


Regularly $30 Happy Hour $20

A combination of B12 injection plus MIC to help enhance fat utilization and metabolism. MIC has been widely used for may years to support and enhance metabolism.


Skinny Plus

Regular $45 Happy Hour $33

Enhanced B12 at 5mg per injection to increase energy and enhance the effects of the MIC injection.



Regular $30 Happy Hour $20

Combination of B12 and L-Carnitine. B12 helps assist with increase energy and helps support our immune system. When given with Carnitine it helps enhance energy production to make us feel better. This injection is perfect for those of you that are vegan or vegetarian. These are essential nutrients lacking in a vegetable based diet.


Metabolize PLUS

Regular $45 Happy Hour $33

Enhanced B12 at 5mg increases the energy and immune support and boosts the effects of our original Metabolize injection.


Get Your B's

Regular $20 Happy Hour $12

Get B’s consists of B12 plus a B-complex to thoroughly get all the B vitamins in your system. This allows for better energy, immune response, a better ability to handle stress. Our B-Vitamins are used on a daily basis and its so important to replenish them regularly.



Regularly $20 Happy Hour $12

B12 injections are a great way to get energy and help rebuild your system from daily stressors. This B12 injection consists of 1000 mcg of B12.


Super Charge

Regular $40 Happy Hour $25

The super charge injection consists of 5,000 mcg of B12. This B12 injection not only helps you feeling more energetic it also helps you get off the couch and taking part in activities you always want to do but dont have time for.



Regularly $40 Happy Hour $25

Glutathione injection to assist with liver support removing toxins from the system. Its also great if you are currently ill or have been ill recently. Boosts the system and helps enhance your immune system.



Regular $40 Happy Hour $28

B12 and homeopathy to enhance immune response during the fall and winter seasons. Upgrade to a full B-Complex by requesting a “Get B’s” add on!



Regular $30 Happy Hour $20

A combination injection that contains B12; B6 and MIC to help increase your metabolism and get your body moving and burning fat.



Regular $30 Happy Hour $20

Combination of B vitamins and the mineral magnesium to assist with relaxation. Great for muscle spasms, cramping and pain.

Optimizing the Ingredients to a Better Life

You cannot get the Life Enhancement benefits without proper ingredients. Infusion Health IV Lounge supplies IV Therapy to maximize the ingredients and restore deficiencies that are common today. The use of IV Therapy restores depletion faster, can be customized to your need; as well as being the best way to optimize your ingredients. Along with IV Therapy, to maintain levels of proper cofactors, we use physician grade supplements that supply the bioavailable ingredients and are readily absorbed.

IV Therapy

Infusion Health IV Lounge is pleased to offer Nutrient IV Therapy. Nutrient IV therapy is the best delivery method of Vitamins and Minerals into your body.

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Quality Care Through TeleMedicine

Infusion Health is a Integrative Clinic located in Tucson, Arizona and Turlock, California; but also offers TeleMedicine to those anywhere in need. As technology advances, we have more ways than ever to take control of our health. That’s where Infusion Health comes in, offering specialized services to take healthcare to new levels.

We are a team of experts

What starts the healing process is the relationship between doctor and patient.  Being connected with a doctor is lost in todays traditional medical model.  We cannot tell you how many people in our physical office love the fact that we take the time to listen to their concerns.  Being connected with the patient is the most important part of a relationship.  The patient having trust and confidence in our ability and then communicating in a way that builds the bond where we can work together to bring back or maintain proper health.  We both grow constantly within our philosophy of restoring health, we constantly learn to bring the latest in advanced techniques and testing.  
“We look forward to creating a lasting relationship.” – Dr. Wallace & Dr. Sundermeyer


Integrative Clinic and IV Lounge

Infusion Health is a Integrative Clinic located in Tucson, Arizona and Turlock, California. Offering Life Enhancement Medicine to those in both Pima County, Arizona and Stanislaus County, California. Infusion Health also offers a full IV Lounge to the public promoting enhanced health, building of the immune system, strengthening the sports enthusiast and much more.
Percent of all health care spending in the United States is for treatment of preventable chronic illness.
A focus on prevention could save billions, even trillions of dollars in consumer spending over the next 10 years.
4in 10
According to the National Institutes of Health, about 4 in 10 adults in the United States of America use some form of alternative medicine.
Eldery Americans say they would prefer if their doctor began their care with natural therapies rather than prescription drugs or invasive procedures.

It’s not about treating symptoms or diseases

It is about determining what you have control over so you can live your life with the vitality and health you deserve. We live in a culture, where people are conditioned to expect aches and pains in life, so when you feel chronically tired, your stress levels are high, or your knees start to hurt, you think that’s just the way it is going to be.

The truth is that you don’t have to settle for feeling tired, run down, or overwhelmed, and you don’t have to settle for feeling average. For each of us there is a best that we can feel, and we want to help find that a better you to experience life as it should be – as you want it to be.

  • Chronic Disease
  • Fertility Support
  • Digestive Problems
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Regenerative Joint Injections
  • Chronic Fatigue

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